Emerging Diseases

Follow the links below for information on some of the studies that Northwest ZooPath is working on or has worked on in the past.  We will be adding more links as they become available.  Please keep in mind that information that is currently in press is subject to copyright restrictions and there will be some information we are unable to post until after publication and even then we may only be able to link to the article it is published in depending on the agreement we made at the time we submitted the article for publication. 

Please feel free to e-mail us at zoopath3@aol.com to request that we list or send you studies that you do not see here.  If it is a study or article that we have available, we will attempt to accommodate your requests.

The links below are to to .pdf documents and will require Acrobat Reader to view

Myofasciitis in the Domestic Ferret, an Emerging Fatal Disease (lecture outline)

Diseases of Domestic Ferrets



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