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ZooPath's New Bookkeeper


Need Supplies?

Many of you may have noticed by now that there is a new name and voice at the other end of your billing related questions. 


Meet Liz Post, our new bookkeeper.  Liz has an extensive background in bookkeeping and has been surrounded by microscopes for the last 15 years or so.  We appreciate your patience as settles into her new position here. 


A lot of you have asked "What happened to Jamie?"  She is doing great.  She has relocated to Hawaii to pursue her dream of a Hawaiian classic car company. 


All of us here at ZooPath appreciate her 16 years of dedication and hard work and wish her the best.  

Aloha and Mahalo, Jamie!!



Liz getting settled in her new office

We frequently get asked (even by established clients) if we provide supplies and if so, how much they cost. 

ZooPath provides formalin containers, mailing labels, submission forms and a couple of other items upon request.  You can request supplies on your submission form, via telephone or via email. 

Currently, ZooPath does not charge for supplies as long as they are returned to us via submissions.  Please avoid using ZooPath containers for long term storage of specimens you are holding at your facility.  This will enable us to keep supplies free for everyone.  Supplies used for storage will be charged at cost plus shipping and handling.  If you are in need of formalin for storage purposes, let us know and we can put you in touch with our distributor.

You can email supply requests directly to Sue who handles all of our shipping at supplies@zoopath.com


Sue, labeling and filing slides


New Billing Option






Would you prefer to get your invoices and statements emailed in addition to or instead of snail mail?  We are now set up to send invoices and statements via email.  Please let our bookkeeper, Liz, know if you would like to utilize this option.  Invoices and statements are sent as PDF's for your convenience. 


Northwest ZooPath has a Facebook page now.  Due to time constraints, we haven't done much with it.  In the coming year we plan to be more active with it.  Feel free to "like" us and say hello.  If you have requests for the type of information you would like to see there, let us know! www.facebook.com/zoopath

We are working on a list of Frequently Asked Questions for our website.  So if you want to post some of yours there, we'll be sure to give them a look.


We have multiple reporting options available.  One of the most popular in recent years has been email.  If you have requested email and aren't receiving it, let us know.  Also, a few tips to help avoid interruptions in email:

1. Check your spam filters - It's a good idea to have us listed as safe.  Otherwise, certain words in our reports might be triggers for spam filters.

2.  Make sure we have your current email address.  We can add multiple recipients for your facility if needed. 

3.  Call or email our IT coordinator, Christie Buie, if you are still having problems receiving email from us.  christieb@zoopath.com






Tips for Shipping Specimens

Need it fast?

For most expedient delivery service we recommend using an express delivery option.  There are several options out there.  ZooPath's carrier of choice for express shipments is FedEx.  We have made arrangements with FedEx to allow our clients to use our account when shipping specimens to us and get our discount. 

How does it work?  It's easy.  Let us know you would like to use this option and we will send you labels that already have the needed information. 

Need to send something right away and don't have any of our labels?  No problem.  Give us a call and we'll give you the appropriate information to fill in on a blank airbill that you can get from your driver or local FedEx office.  Please note that if you are a new client, we may require verification of payment information prior to giving out our FedEx information. 



Packing Tips:


- use screw top containers (we provide these - just ask!)


- use a secondary leak proof container such as a second jar or sealable baggie (yep we provide these too!)


- place your containers in a box with plenty of padding for the empty space (wadded up newspaper works great)


- remember to include your paperwork


- securely seal your box and place your label on it.


- if you are shipping via FedEx, UPS or Priority mail - save your tracking number until you have received your results


- please call prior to shipping a *fresh* carcass for necropsy


Do Not's

- please do not use containers with snap on lids (urine cups, sterile containers, etc).  They leak, pop off, etc.. during transit


- please do not drop a couple of jars into a box with no padding and tape it up and ship it.  Your specimen will not survive the trip or it will leak in transit and be quarantined and delayed by the carrier.


- please do not drop slides in a cardboard slideholder into an envelope and send regular mail.  They will arrive shattered.


- please do not send us the lump you cut off your tech and marked "primate"...really.. don't.


Recommended FedEx Options:

- FedEx 2nd Day - This is the best combination of cost effective and fast.  It is less than half the price of Overnight shipping and only 1 additional business day in transit.

- Priority Overnight - If your case is incredibly urgent, you may want to get the specimen to us overnight.  This is

- Third Day/Express Saver -  Packages are delivered on the third business day.  This is the least expensive of the Express options, but be careful when shipping around weekends and holidays as they do not count toward the transit time.

We do not recommend:

- Marking your packages for Saturday or Sunday delivery.  FedEx  has designated our zip code as a "rural" area and as such, we are not eligible for Saturday Delivery.  Marking your package for it may result in FedEx accidentally billing us for it anyway. 

- First Overnight -  Please do not mark your packages for First Overnight delivery.  This will not impact the timing of your results and will result in a $50 charge by FedEx that is not eligible for our discount.

- Ground -  this is just as slow as the post office in most cases and not recommended.  Since FedEx charges a special pickup fee for ground packages, the cost is comparable to Third Day Express, so we recommend using that option.










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