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Northwest ZooPath uses Histology Consultation Service (HCS) to process biopsy submissions for microscopic examination. Northwest ZooPath provides postage-paid mailing labels for submission of biopsy samples to HCS. Regional veterinarians (Washington and Oregon) who are currently Phoenix Central Lab clients may also use the Phoenix courier service for submission of Northwest ZooPath tissue samples and cytologic preparations, provided Northwest ZooPath forms and specimen containers are utilized and specimens are clearly marked for Northwest ZooPath.

Call for or email for current fees

Services Available



Biopsy: mini (diagnosis and comment)



mini-multiple (diagnosis and comment)



single-written report (includes microscopic description



multiple-written report (includes microscopic description)



Pathologist review/trim, gross lesions            

Photomicrographs (not for pub./presentation)

Recuts, H&E stain                                        

Recuts, special stain                                     

Note there is a shipping fee

for recuts                                                       



Gross Necropsy*

Please call ahead for pathologist's availability.  Fish and primates are not accepted fresh for gross necropsy but may be submitted in formalin. Gross necropsies should be shipped Monday through Thursday only.






Northwest ZooPath
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Phone: (360) 794-0630   Fax: (360) 794-4312