Cytologies should be submitted, stained and unstained, in plastic or cardboard slide holders. Biopsies should be submitted in an adequate amount of formalin. Small representative sections of necropsy tissue should be submitted with an effort to avoid redundant collection of specimens from any one tissue. Small birds may be submitted whole submerged in formalin, with the skull cap and sternum removed. Small turtles may be submitted whole with plastron removed. Other small animals (some lizards, amphibians, rodents, fish) may be submitted whole with the coelomic/abdominal cavity opened. Animals submitted whole in formalin are charged as multiple tissue cases (not necropsies).

For more detailed submission instructions, click one of the following to download print outs of our shipping and submission instructions (requires Acrobat Reader)

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Download Printable Shipping Instructions

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Where to ship


For fastest turn around on formalin fixed samples, please ship to:

HCS - ZooPath
207 N. Harkness
Everson, WA  98247


Fresh carcasses on ice for gross necropsy* should be shipped overnight on ice to:

Northwest ZooPath
654 W. Main
Monroe, WA  98272

*This service is dependent upon pathologist availability.  Arrangements must be made prior to shipping. Avoid shipping previously frozen samples. No unfixed primates or fish.  Must ship Mon-Thurs. 

call 360-794-0630 for pathologist availability


Regional samples may be submitted through the Phoenix Central Laboratory courier service where available, provided Northwest ZooPath forms and containers are used.

Download Printable Submission Form (requires Acrobat reader)

Northwest ZooPath
654 W. Main St., Monroe, WA 98272
Phone: (360) 794-0630   Fax: (360) 794-4312
e-mail: mikeg@zoopath.com