Covid-19 Service notice: Northwest ZooPath remains open and is accepting cases

Frequently Asked Questions


How Do I set up an Account?

No contracts or applications required. Submitting your first specimen activates your account.  All accounts must have an available veterinary contact. Non veterinary pet owners may not submit directly to us without consent of their veterinarian.

How much do supplies cost?

Supplies are provided free of charge to those utilizing our services.  Supplies requested by those not using our services will be billed at cost for supplies.

How long does it take to get results?

For biopsies and urgent necropsy cases, results are typically ready withinin 2-3 business days of receipt.  Inadequately fixed specimens requiring additional fixation or bone requiring decalcification may be delayed. 

How much extra is it to mark a case urgent?

We do not charge an additional fee for urgent cases.  We simply ask that you reserve this for cases that are truly urgent.

Do you do paperless reporting?

Yes.  So many of our clients have asked us to reduce the use of paper by no longer snail mailing them copies of their reports, that we have stopped sending them by default.  Our default method of reporting is via email.  If you would like fax or snail mail, we are happy to accommodate you.  Just let us know that you want one or both of them enabled on your account.

Can I go paperless on billing too?

Absolutely. We currently default to US mail for billing but will gladly switch you to electronic billing upon request. If you wish to avoid mailing a check, you may call your payment in with a Visa or Mastercard or set up a card account with our bookkeeper for automated billing.

What is the best way to ship my specimen?

Our preferred provider is FedEx.  We have an arrangement with them where they allow us to share our discount with our clients.  Currently our discount is 65% off for overnight and 60% of for 2nd day/Express Saver.  We bill this at cost.  In addition to this, they have been reliable over the years and the ability to track packages when weather or technical issues arise gives us the ability to communicate any delays in real time.  Regardless of the provider you choose, we recommend saving all tracking info until you have your results.

If I use your FedEx account, when will I be billed for it?

We add the FedEx charges to the next invoice once we've received our bill from them.  We bill you at our cost, so we wait until they have billed us in an effort to be precise. If you need to know the charges prior to receiving your next invoice, let us know and we will check to see if they are available online.

If I send my package "First Overnight" will I get my results faster?

No.  Cases are processed in batches.  So a specimen that arrives at 8:30 am will be processed with the rest of the specimens arriving at 10:30 am.  Additionally, FedEx does not apply our discount to their "first" packages.  It creates an additional expense for you with no benefit.

When will I get my bill?

We bill at the end of each month.  Your case will be billed for the month in which it was reported.  If you have additional fees associated with your case (ancillary testing, special stains, FedEx charges) those may show up on a later bill.

Can I send in a bump I found on myself?

No.  Despite the fact that you are a primate, Northwest ZooPath is not licensed to practice human medicine.

Who is ZooPath's favorite baseball team?

Despite our location in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA, ZooPath's loyalty lies with the Texas Rangers.